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All of Raskelf Rare Breeds stock is raised traditionally, in a naturally stress free environment and handled with care and consideration producing meat of outstanding quality and flavour, which is pure, simple and delicious!

Remember you can always nip along to The Purple Partridge in Raskelf to pick up your meat!

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We've tried the lamb, pork, beef and turkey and it's by far better than meat from supermarkets. Great taste

Victoria Wilkinson November 21, 2015

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Got half a lamb recently. Best lamb we've ever had. So tasty and very lean. All with the added good feeling of buying local. Looking forward to trying the beef we've just bought.

Sarah Crane Harrison November 21, 2015

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The best beef you will ever eat....just so tender and full of flavour

Liz Westmoreland November 21, 2015